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San Francisco Street Sweeping 2024 (Schedule, Map, Holidays, Tickets)

5 thoughts on “San Francisco Street Sweeping 2024 (Schedule, Map, Holidays, Tickets)”

  1. Hi,
    (2nd attempt at 2nd Msg. I left the page to spell check a word, came back to the form’s text deleted).
    I fired off that last message, and thought to myself that I hadn’t tried hard enough. Part of the problem is my own. I am using my mobile devise. Lazy of me, I know, but when I am parking, I have always neglected to have my desktop computer set up and connected in the car. Laptops can be heavy; there is always the option of leaving it in the car for the friendly neighborhood thieves.
    I decided to try again. I did as requested, and entered a random address. There it was, the city block of the address. I don’t need to see the block. There is no parking info, but you said to scroll down for the information, you DO provide:
    • Elected Officials Report,
    • Neighborhood Information:
    • Elected Officials,
    Places & Services,
    • Other Information,
    • Printable Version of Reports,
    • Elected Officials representing the area.
    • The Department of Elections website
    • Supervisor Districts
    •  BART Districts
    • Congressional Districts
    • State Assembly Districts
    • State Senatorial Districts
    • Election Precincts
    • Precinct 7001 through
    7958, and more…
    The only thing missing, (…let me review, hmmm, WHAT am I looking for?, OH right…)
    There is no mention of Street Sweeping parking.
    I went to the choice of finding Street Sweeping by Supervisorial, (Supervisoral) District, no mention of Street Sweeping parking there.
    OH, I get it: there IS no Street Sweeping parking map. You are just, (censored) us off.
    No need to explain to you how drivers use Street Sweeping parking schedules to park. You aren’t interested in providing Street Sweeping parking information…
    …You just want to jab the glowing ember of your ire into the eyes of the driving public…
    (those without exclusive tax-funded stipends and private parking for administration employees).
    Tourists?, let them do like the impoverished hospital patients from impoverished locales out of town, who paid $80 for a few hours parking for surgical operations, doctor’s visits, etc.
    After all, how will you recoup the $70 million you spent to set up 30 tents for homeless, (exaggeration with this estimate: 1,000 administrators, and two workers in a van).
    What do you bet that this never gets published?

  2. Hi,
    I have used the Street Sweeping Map for decades, not so much in recent years. It was a dream, open the map, click on—not just the specific block of a street—but which side of the street, and the schedule pops right up.
    I am trying to direct some tourists to use the map. I can’t believe how foolish it has been set up. PG&E transferred me to San Francisco in 1985, and I never knew which Supervisor District I was in. I might have known my supervisor, but not the number of the district.
    This is an example of the lowest level of planning of the map to make tasks intuitive, foolish. Is there a, “highly educated but foolish,” methodology that I need to learn? What do I tell my new tourist friends, (who are in town getting surgery for the daughter, and have multiple trips to come, different doctor’s offices across town), “You can’t get there from here.”? “Just go online and study San Francisco politics and supervisors. There is a college course I can recommend to you.”
    Whatever you can do to help. My tourist friends are counting on you.


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