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Long Beach Street Sweeping 2024 (Schedule, Map, Holidays, Tickets)

Here you’ll find the Long Beach street sweeping schedule as well as maps, holiday schedules, what to do about parking tickets, and street sweeping jobs.

The City of Long Beach is a part of Los Angeles County and is North West of Orange County.

Whether you live in LB or are just passing through, here’s all the details you need to make sure you don’t get a parking ticket.

Long Beach Street Sweeping Schedule

The best way to find the street sweeping schedule for your street is to use the interactive map that we’ve linked to below.

You’ll be able to enter your address and it will tell you the street sweeping days and times. Additionally it will also tell you general information about Long Beach such as the zoning, governing board, police and fire information, and the location of lots of community facilities.

To find out when your specific street is swept, use this interactive map provided by the City of Long Beach: https://tsdgis.longbeach.gov/MapIt/

Long Beach Street Sweeping Schedule Map

Below is the Long Beach street sweeping map. Click on the map and enter your address.

Long beach street sweeping schedule map
City of Long Beach Street Sweeping Logo

Long Beach Street Sweeping Holidays

Street sweeping is not enforced on the following scheduled days:

Friday, December 31, 2021 New Year’s Day (Observed)

Monday, January 16, 2024 Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

Monday, February 20, 2024 Presidents Day

Friday, April 15, 2024 Good Friday

Monday, May 29, 2024 Memorial Day

Friday, June 17, 2024 Juneteenth (Observed)

Monday, July 4, 2024 Independence Day

Monday, September 4, 2024 Labor Day

Monday, October 9, 2024 Columbus Day

Tuesday, November 8, 2024 Election Day

Thursday, November 23, 2024 Thanksgiving Day

Friday, November 24, 2024 Day after Thanksgiving

Monday, December 25, 2024 Christmas Day (Observed)

The city also notes that the painted curbs are ALWAYS enforced. Red, White and Blue curbs are always in affect.

If you get a street sweeping ticket or any other parking violation (like at a meter) you can contest the citation.

LBC Public Works Twitter Account

If you use twitter, I suggest you follow @LBPublicWorks to get timely updates to what’s happening in the city. They often post updates about holidays, street sweeping updates, and more.

Zip codes in LB that are part of the sweeping schedule

The following zip codes are included for Long Beach street sweeping schedule:

  • 90715
  • 90716
  • 90740
  • 90712
  • 90755
  • 90801
  • 90802
  • 90803
  • 90804
  • 90805
  • 90806
  • 90807
  • 90808
  • 90809
  • 90810
  • 90812
  • 90813
  • 90814
  • 90815
  • 90822
  • 90831
  • 90832
  • 90833
  • 90834
  • 90835
  • 90840
  • 90842
  • 90844
  • 90846
  • 90847
  • 90848
  • 90853
  • 90899

Street Sweeping Jobs in Long Beach

The best way to find a street sweeping job in LBC is through the city’s job opportunities page” https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/longbeach

I also found this job requirements pdf for street sweeper operators: https://www.longbeach.gov/globalassets/civil-service/media-library/documents/job-opportunities/job-bulletins/motor-sweeper-operator-10-20

You can also find hiring opportunities via websites like ziprecruiter.com or sweeperjobs.com

Did we miss anything?

We do our best to provide the most accurate and up to date information for everything related to Long beach street sweeping so if we missed anything for need to correct something please let us know in the comments.

18 thoughts on “Long Beach Street Sweeping 2024 (Schedule, Map, Holidays, Tickets)”

  1. i am grateful for this site having the information i needed. Holidays in Long BeachCA there is no street sweeping going on. thanks

  2. We live on 7 th Pl. & Ocean. One side is Monday & the other side ALWAYS had a sticker for Thursday , covering Friday.
    Someone removed the Thursday sticker – so is it Thursday or Friday street sweeping on the one side???????? Thank you

  3. Long Beach should have a text message alert, that goes out when they will not be doing a so called “street sweeping”. They collect $70.00 from each ticket, so they can afford to set this system up.

    I have to waste an hour of my time, moving my car into the alley, and waiting for the so called “street sweeper” to come, and transfer the dirt from the other streets onto my street and sidewalk.
    When they don’t show up, I have to deal with waiting for nothing, and then parking on a perfectly clean street!
    I am so used to dirt and mud on my sidewalk after you do your job,
    its just sad when you don’t come by.
    Then I have to save water by not hosing down the sidewalk in front of my place.
    Has anyone ever tested that mud for pathogens?
    That might be a great project for the college Microbiology Lab. Humm?

  4. I parked across the street on the side that was being sweeped today waiting for the sweeper to go by. A car was parked in the handicap zone that I usually use. While waiting for the sweeper, the parking enforcement that follows the sweeper did not cite the car and the second one did the same thing. They both just by passed the car waving at the gentleman across the street that owns the car. Is this okay to do, people are struggling to find parking on my street and I was waiting patiently to park in that space because I have difficulty walking far distances. My car has been vandalized with scratches, sticky things thrown at it all because I’m handicapped. I do have a legitimate placard and I did apply for this space, but I can not have it to myself, I have to share. The person parked there does not move the car the whole week. People keep abusing the use of this space with expired or no placard at all, and it’s to accommodate themselves because they have multiple cars. That’s not right. This incident happened today Oct. 31, 2022 at 1:30pm on 10th st and Orange in front of 1222 E. 10th Street.

  5. I noticed the last couple of weeks the sweepers are about 45 min to an hour late sweeping our streets. You are paid to to do your job on time. Please stick to your schedule as my neighbors (who are working from home) are having to move their cars.

  6. It random. The only way to know is to visit Long Beach Public works on Twitter. They will announce if they decide to not sweep for the day. I have had them sweep when it was drizzling and skip when it was barely raining.

  7. In addition to the holiday exceptions, are there regularly scheduled street sweeping furlough days in Long Beach. I’ve noticed that the street sweeper did not sweep Central Area today February 16, 2022.

  8. Your interactive street sweeping map is garbage. It does not work. Cannot scroll and does not show street sweeping schedule. WHY DID YOU SPEND $490M ON A HALF EMPTY COURTHOUSE IF ALL YOUR WEBSITES ARE TRASH

  9. The Veteran’s Day date is inaccurate. I received a citation on Veteran’s Day in 2021, and the city refused to waive the fee and added a $55 late fee. Their city website does not list any dates either. Nor does it list election day or juneteenth.

  10. I live at 3716 Olive Ave, Long Beach. The street sweeper did not come on Wed Dec 29, 2021 nor Wed Jan 5, 2022. Two weeks in a row with dirty streets. Please have the sweeper come next week. Thank you

  11. The map link does not take you to an interactive map. The box for inserting the address won’t let me insert anything. There is no way to get information regarding street sweeping days/times.

  12. I live on 131 west 49th St. 90805 and the sweeper did not come again. he seems to come by every other week yet the sign that is posted indicates it comes every Tuesday between 10Am to 12 . So I guess he does not have to do his job only when he feels like it.

  13. I live at 3925 San Anseline 90808 and once again yesterday our streets to not get swept, this seems to be happing every other week but not on the other side of the stree.


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