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Cambridge Street Cleaning 2024 (Schedule, Map, Holidays, Ticket)

You’re in the right place to find all the Cambridge street cleaning information like maps, schedules, holidays, tickets, jobs and more.

Cambridge is a city in Massachusetts and just north of Boston on the other side of the Charles River and just south of Somerville, and west of Charlestown.

Cambridge Street Sweeping Schedule

According to the City of Cambridge, the public works department mechanically sweeps each street in Cambridge oncer per month between April and December.

Additionally the city sweeps citywide streets twice per year using a vacuum sweeper. This helps pick up sand and other debris to keep catch basins clean. This is all done to help lower the pollutants that enter the Charles River and Alewife Brook.

The best way to find the schedule for your exact street is to enter your address on the city website:


Cambridge Street Sweeping Map

The city uses alternate side street parking and you can find a list of the schedule below.

Cambridge Street Cleaning Map

Cambridge Street Twitter Updates

Street Cleaning Holidays in Cambridge

The following holidays will impact street sweeping so make sure to check the city website for up to date information.

  • Patriot’s Day April 17 – Will be swept on April 12
    • Memorial Day May 29 – No make up day needed
    • Juneteenth June 19 – Will be swept on June 29
    • Independence Day July 4 – Will be swept on June 30
    • Labor Day September 4 – Will be swept on Aug 29
    • Indigenous Peoples Day October 9 – Will be swept on Sept 29
    • Veterans Day November 10 – Will be swept on Oct 30
    • Thanksgiving Day November 23 – Will be swept on Nov 29
    • Day after Thanksgiving Day November 24 – Will be swept on Nov 30
    • Day Before Christmas December 22 – Will be swept on
    • Christmas December 25 – Will be swept on Dec 29

How to pay parking ticket in Cambridge

The simplest thing to do if you get a parking ticket during street sweeping is to pay it online.

The city provides a simple way to do so here: https://wmq.etimspayments.com/pbw/include/cambridge/input.jsp?ticketType=

If you would like to dispute the ticket you can do so by filling out the parking ticket dispute form.

Street Sweeping Jobs in Cambridge

The best place to look for a street sweeping job for the city of Cambridge is on their hiring website.


You can also get a job with a private company using a website like ziprecuiter.com

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