Las Vegas Street Sweeping Schedule 2023

Going on a 3 day bender in Vegas? Ready to get your “Hangover” on? We’ll help you find the Las Vegas street sweeping schedule where you’re staying.

Most people when they visit Las Vegas head to The Strip. Typically you’ll need to park in a paid lot or at a casino or hotel. However if you’re visiting Las Vegas and staying in a neighboring suburb then you might need to park on the street.

Las Vegas Street Sweeping Schedule

Below you find links to the street sweeping schedules for Las Vegas as well as a map:

Las Vegas Street Sweeping Map

Click the map below to find out when your street is swept

Las Vegas Street Sweeping Schedule Map

Las Vegas Street Sweeping Schedule Map

Now that you know how to NOT get a ticket… try to come home with all your teeth and without a little baby named Carlos!

City of North Las Vegas Street Sweeping Schedule

If you live in North Las Vegas you can find your schedule here:

We miss anything?

We do our best to keep the street sweeping schedule as up to date as possible. If we missed something or we need to make a correction to this page, please let us know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Las Vegas Street Sweeping Schedule 2023”

  1. The area of Ferrel and Judith has not been cleaned and or swept in a long time. It says Wednesday, but that does not happen. In the last few months nothing and this area is dirty

  2. What happened to sunrise manor area which includes lake Meade and Hollywood area. We are not on the map schedule.

  3. I live at the corner of 2800 Hauck st and 5070 Tara Ave 89146 cul de sac. The street has not been swept in a long time. There is debris everywhere and I’ve been picking up the trash myself.


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